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Isringhausen Seats from Northern Engine and Supply

Around the world the ISRI® name is synonymous with quality seating.

ISRI® combines decades of manufacturing experience in the truck, bus and construction industries with technically advanced designs and superior engineering.

Many leading manufacturers are loyal users of ISRI® seats because they understand that a comfortable and secure operator accounts for better production and efficiency.
ISRI® 6030/880 NTS

Model 6030/880 NTS
ISRI® 6830KM/875

Model 6830KM/875
ISRI® 6830KM/870 NTS

Model 6830KM/870 NTS
ISRI® 6830KM/855 NTS Compact

Model 6830KM/855 NTS Compact
ISRI® 6830KM/870 NTS Compact

Model 6830KM/870 NTS Compact
ISRI® 6830KA/880

Model 6830KA/880 NTS
Your Seat Specialists

Ergonomically Designed Cushions
Offers supreme operator comfort and reduces stress and fatigue. Design based on driver evaluations and scientific findings.

Lumbar Support Systems
Provides proper back support ensuring comfortduring extended sitting--air and mechanical.

Reduces horizontal vibration ensuring smooth ride even under severe road conditions.

Self-Leveling Air Suspension
Sets automatically when user sits down providing optimal suspension travel for vibration reduction.

Mechanical Suspension
Allows users to infinitely adjust the seat suspension for optimal vibration reduction.

Back Rest
Ensures full support to fit any body size.
Slide Adjustment
Allows operator to choose desired fore and aft position.

Height Adjustment
  • Air height adjustment allows operator to adjust seat up or down independent of suspension providing maximum operator comfort.
  • Mechanical height/slope adjustment allows operator to adjust seat up, down and to various slopes.
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Upholstery - Available in endless array of textures, fabrics and colors for full customization.
  • Riser - Custom risers and bold patterns for all applications
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